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At Frontrow Agency all of us stand for many years of experience 

on both sides of the fashion industry, retail and wholesale.


We understand and strongly believe that

you can use many additional elements to grow your business alongside

your online marketing and chosen collections.

Events to celebrate your store, upcoming collections,

personal styling during a late night shopping, ...



Meet Lena, our trusted personal stylist, bringing the latest fashion trends and timeless elegance right to your favorite boutique. Lena shares her expert insights on how to match outfits and create multiple looks with the pieces

you’ve chosen at Frontrow Agency.

With an in-depth understanding of styling, Lena can create beautiful combinations of colors, textures, and styles that effortlessly complement each other.



Frontrow Agency understands the importance of smart budget management, especially when it comes to curating your boutique's new collections.


We are your trusted partners in creating clear and achievable budgets that will maximize your profits and minimize excess inventory.


Gone are the days of impulse buying and being left with large, unsold collections. 


Together, we ensure that every investment aligns with your vision and caters to your customer's desires.


Emma believes that shopping should be an enchanting experience, one that goes beyond the ordinary and leaves you with unforgettable memories. That is why she can bring you a series of captivating events that not only stimulate sales but also transform your store into a visual wonderland.


During these magical events, you'll find your store transformed into a world of elegance and creativity. The ambiance is set to captivate your customers’ senses, with beautiful displays and alluring decorations

in harmony with your collections.


Her events are curated with love and passion, designed to immerse you in a whole new dimension of fashion and style.



Rebranding is a transformative process that goes beyond mere visual changes. 

It is about reshaping the boutique's identity to resonate with customers and align with its vision for the future.


By investing in rebranding, the boutique can experience an array of benefits, including increased sales, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and a strong position in the competitive market.

Rebranding becomes a catalyst for growth and success, elevating the boutique to new heights of achievement.

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